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Spare Tire Bracket

spare tire bracket

    spare tire
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  • An extra tire carried in a motor vehicle for emergencies

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westside scooter club's 7th cinco de mayo ride-out #7966(1)

westside scooter club's 7th cinco de mayo ride-out #7966(1)

my VS4.
changes since last photo uploaded:
fitted the headset mirror and bracket (have to change the mirror though its rubbish)
gold leafed the headlight reflector (no its not rust!)
restored and then fitted the legshield spare wheel bracket (and GS150 spare wheel).
painted the flywheel cowl aluminium to match i wish i'd used my other wheel bracket and sited the spare tire on the floorboards instead of the legshield... even though the bracket came attatched to the same GS150 wheel that is still on it now - it is a "reluctant fit".
the pacific is behind the murk, very kentish (south eastern england)
.westside scooter club's 7th cinco de mayo ride-out. SoCal 06.05.06.

ULMA Spare Wheel Carrier

ULMA Spare Wheel Carrier

It goes behind the seat with the tire mounted upright. Two bolts go under the seat and two bolts on holes drilled on the frame. I'm going to use suction cups as I'm not drilling my VS4. I think there was a frame that mounts on the tire itself, but I don't have it.

spare tire bracket

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